Blue Tongue Harmonica

Amazing teambuilding performances.


“Mr Blue Tongue” Doug Lyons is a highly qualified educator and performer with over 25 years of experience under his belt.

Through Blue Tongue Harmonica, Doug has been teaching the wonders of the harmonica in workshops, private lessons & corporate groups all over Australia. Doug’s passion for the harmonica has seen him perform and spread the sound of the humble harp in television and radio – including ABC radio, Channel Nines Today Show & Channel Sevens Sunrise. Doug has also composed & performed music for the TV Show Dining Down Under and has four times been guest Judge at Tamworth Country Music Festival Golden Harmonica Championships. Doug is the founder of The Sydney Harmonica Festival, which is committed to showcasing the best of Australian, & international harmonica players. Doug is also one of “The Blues Preachers”, a popular traditional Country Blues duo who play at festivals & events all over Australia.

The Blue Tongue Harmonica School is dedicated to the growth of Harmonica popularity. The Harmonica can be carried around in your pocket but has a variety of sound unlike any other instrument.

Doug runs the school as well as the popular Sydney Harmonica festival which is now an annual event held each year. Blow The Blues Away. Give your team the opportunity to express their groove as they combine to perform their own team blues train. Blue Tongue Harmonica workshops bring people together for team building, corporate events, road shows, Christmas parties, weddings – in fact any special event. With a range of interactive shows which include Blues Harmonica Rhythm Trains, Blues Harp Jams, short ice breakers and Full Blown Blues Improvisation backed by a professional Blues Band, these performances are ideal ways to excite and unite large and small groups of people. For thousands of years the power of music and rhythm has transformed, revitalised and unified groups of people. Rhythm is innate within us all the beat of our heart, the way we walk and the clapping of our hands. Blue Tongue Harmonica believes in the ability of everyone to express themselves rhythmically in a positive way.

Blue Tongue Harmonica‚Äôs main team-building tool is the Blues Harmonica Team train. Everyone is given a harmonica to play. This new harmonica band is then led by the Blue Tongue musicians and facilitators on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure. Blues Jam “The Full Blues Experience” Blue Tongue Harmonica also has the creativity and expertise to facilitate rhythm events using, other instruments such as a full blues backing band. Participants are divided in groups & then combine in sections to improvise over a complete blues progression. During these events surprise and fun reign supreme. Participants discover the fabulous percussive ensemble they are able to create using the voice of the blues harmonica. Each group member will receive a complimentary harmonica to take away with them at the end of the day. And for that extra touch, we are able to organise for the harmonica’s to be branded with your company logo. Blue Tongue Harmonica events showcase cooperative group dynamics and communication skills. These events are suitable for 10 to 500 participants & upward.