Brad Howarth

Authority on managing change & uncertainty


Brad Howarth is obsessed with helping people and organisations adapt to change. As a writer, researcher and author Brad has been examining the impact of technology-driven change on business and society for 25 years, writing for local and international publications including The Australian and BRW, and now he primarily works on developing whitepapers and research reports. Brad works with an extensive network of collaborators and thought -leaders, and brings an evidence-based approach to understanding current and future scenarios based on identifying case studies that represent best practice and defining their shared traits.

Brad has authored four books focusing on topics including change and adaptation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and life in a highspeed broadband society, and continues to contribute to numerous publications in Australia and around the world.

Current Work:

Brad is involved in an ongoing research program to understand and respond to the impact of technology-driven change. He works directly with businesses and community organisations to create strategy documents, research reports and discussion papers, and facilitates workshops that bring greater understanding regarding the impact of change and the possible responses.

Some of the findings of this work are included in his books Managing for Change and Innovation is for Everyone, co-authored with Peter Fritz AM, and he continues to write on these topics for numerous publications here and around the world.

Brad is also a passionate advocate for the need to ensure that all members of society can share the benefits of digital technology, having served as Ambassador for the Broadband for the Bush Alliance and Champion for the National Year of Digital inclusion. Brad believes that as more and more elements of society switch to digital technology it is vital that we do not create a society of digital ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, but instead ensure everyone has access to digital services and the training to use them effectively.

Brad is an accomplished Keynote Speaker on the topic of change, delivering presentations focusing on topics such as the impact of technology on business and society, the future of work and management structures, and how organisations can best understand and respond to change.

He is also in demand as an MC, having hosted conferences and events for organisations including the Committee for Melbourne, the AHRI, and Worksafe Tasmania. Brad brings deep domain experience across numerous industries, and his background as a journalist makes him well suited to facilitating panel sessions and on-stage interviews.

Brad’s message is simple – If change is not optional, then neither is foresight.


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