Brett Rutledge

A rare blend of entertainer and business speaker.


Brett Rutledge is one of the most skilled and versatile communicators in the southern hemisphere and heavily in demand as a dynamic business speaker, facilitator and coach.

Previous experience
In 1998 Brett became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking
at only 28 years of age and one of only 5 outside North America. Not only have other World Champions sought Brett out for advice and coaching to assist them in their own aspirations but many use Brett as an example of a truly gifted communicator who is both different and genuine. As one of Brett’s multinational clients put it: ‘He just knows his stuff so well and his ability to read people and situations and take the room to where they need to go is just awesome!’

Impressive though it might be, the World Championship is just a small part of Brett’s experience. As an academic he has degrees and awards in marketing, commercial law, management and labour relations.

As an entrepreneur he had established a successful commercial enterprise at the age of 18 and within two years was employing more than ten people. And as a businessman, he has a wealth of experience in senior consultancy roles specialising in human resources, strategic marketing and organisational culture that culminated in a general management role at age 26.

As a communicator, Brett’s abilities are so honed and nuanced that he can change his voice and his approach in over 150 different ways. Accents, age and even personalities can all be mimicked or impersonated with the sort of speed most of us reserve for normal, everyday conversation.

Brett Rutledge is an utterly unique talent whose rare ability as a mimic, world beating performance, practical business knowledge and powerful delivery are guaranteed to both entertain and inform. More than that, as the ‘Champion’s Champion’, Brett Rutledge is widely regarded as one of the most skilled and dynamic communicators of his generation!