Brigitte Muir

Live your dream, don't dream your life.


Brigitte Muir is the first Australian woman to have climbed Mount Everest and the first Australian, male or female, to have climbed the highest mountain on each continent. Her nine year quest, which included four dramatic attempts on Mount Everest, gives her a unique insight on achieving long term goals, on maintaining personal motivation and on the most important skill needed when working with people: communication!

Rare footage from the top of the world, stunning pictures, her passionate personality and honesty make for powerful presentations which inspire audiences to climb the mountains in their lives.

Her key points are illustrated by striking stories such as being abandoned by her team near the top of Everest, the 1996 disaster where eleven people died in a single night and what challenges await after you have climbed the highest of all mountains.

Brigitte makes a genuine connection with people, engages them and gives them a real sense of the journey, be it in business, at school, or in life. Her willingness to talk with participants after presentations allows them to absorb some of her determination and passion into their own goal setting and ways of acting.

Brigitte is the recipient of the Australian Geographic Award for Excellence (1997), the Australia Day Council Australian Achiever Award (1998), the Order of Australia Medal for Services to Mountaineering (2000), the Centenary of Federation Medal (2003) and in 2001 was made a Member of the First Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Her amazing and inspirational life from her native Belgium to the top of the world featured in The Eighth Summit, a television documentary screened in Australia and internationally in 2010 and 2011.


Brigitte Muir’s riveting autobiography The Wind in My Hair is a tale of true heroism, courage and an unconquerable determination.

Current work

In recent years, she has given her heart towards positive change in her beloved Eastern Nepal, creating inspirational documentaries and leading fundraising treks for ongoing capacity-building initiatives including the Beyond the Smile women’s literacy program.


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