Brooke Hanson

Australian swimming sensation.


Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist empowers people to live a purpose-driven life, motivating individuals and inspiring organisations to achieve greatness.

Transforming lives through energy management, mindfulness and motivation, taking the importance of energy health performance to new levels.

Current Work:
Brooke is a professional motivational keynote speaker, energy health trainer, master of ceremonies, Ted x speaker, television and radio presenter, media consultant, facilitator, mentor and a healthy active mother.

The swimming star remains one of Australia’s most recognised Olympians. Brooke is a vibrant high-energy presenter she loves sharing her story and keys to Energy Health performance and leadership success by encouraging self-belief, accountability and finding purpose through positivity.

Her bubbly personality, authentic delivery and natural stage presence has been pleasantly received at the thousands of events she’s presented at. Brooke has become a source of inspiration to many people through her story of resilience, determination and her positive outlook after much heartache is motivating.

Despite everything that Brooke has faced in her swimming career and beyond she has dedicated her speaking career to helping individuals and businesses achieve personal and team greatness.

Brooke has continued to manage to find happiness and face every difficulty with a smile and loves nothing more than to share her inspirational story with everyone she meets.

The life lessons, compassion and growth she has learnt through her experiences give Brooke an opportunity to share her story and the tools she has gained that have resulted in successful outcomes.

Brooke’s focus is on resilience, energy – health, adversity, success, balance, motivation, happiness and well-being. She shares how to embrace what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges.

Brooke and the team at Energy Health Inc provide courses to support stressed, burnt-out, high-performance working executives, teams and individuals to get their life back. Delivering strategies to get ahead at work, so you can feel energised again and performance-ready for work & life. Brooke empowers people to use the energy health tools and implement them everyday to get quality time with your most important people.

She dedicates her time to her passions and aligns with charities close to her heart, she is a proud ambassador for The Starlight Children’s Foundation and Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. Her autobiography was released in 2009 and the profits from her continued personal sales go to charities and cause Brooke supports making a huge difference to Australian families.

The Olympic champion continues to enjoy a successful career for herself as a television personality, product ambassador and balances her professional media career with; motherhood, appearances, hosting, motivational speaking, charity events, swim clinics and her commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all Australians.

Previous Experience:

Brooke made her debut for the Australian Swimming Team at the 1994 Commonwealth Games before going on to represent Australia over 25 times at major international championships.

In 2004 Brooke fulfilled a childhood dream, when after missing two Olympic teams in 1996 and 2000, she won Olympic gold and silver medals in Athens.

She created history at the 2004 World Short Course Championships where she won a record six gold medals – five individual and the 4x100m medley relay in world record time.

After studying journalism, the talented swimmer released her autobiography When Silver Is Gold: The Brooke Hanson Story and she loves nothing more than to share her inspirational story with everyone she meets.

Brooke dedicates her time to her passions and aligns with charities close to her heart such as the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Life’s Little Treasures Foundation which helps families of babies born premature or sick.

Her television presenting on the TV Week Logie-winning show “What’s Good for You” earned her a Logie nomination for Best New Female Talent.

She embraced her role on Nine Network’s Discover Downunder exploring the best camping and caravanning holiday destinations around Australia throughout 5 seasons. Brooke is a nature and ocean lover she enjoys the outdoors and camping, she loves filming adventures with her family which included Seven Network’s My Road To Adventure.


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