Caroline Baum

Author, journalist, broadcaster, producer, moderator


Distinguished journalist and broadcaster Caroline Baum is the author of ONLY, a Singular Memoir. Magda Szubanski calls it ‘a conflicted love letter to her troubled parents that made me laugh and made me weep’ while Helen Garner praised it as ‘ a rich and rollicking tale that deepens into the tenderest of daughterly tributes’. Talking about the book around the country and on national media has revealed Caroline’s unconventional and glamourous background.

Current work

An accomplished moderator, Caroline is in high demand at all major writers festival for her probing and provocative interviews with some of the world’s most famous writers.

She is also a consultant to arts organisations, and a contributor to online and tradittional media on books, culture and aspects of contemporary life.

Caroline’s interests include: community and regional development and social enterprise, aged care and ageing issues, positive psychology, mental health, innovation in art and design, the food industry, travel and hospitality.

Caroline was the recipient of the 2015 Hazel Rowley Fellowship.