Carolyne Gowen

Mindful Leadership and compassion in the workplace.


Carolyne Gowen discovered meditation in 1995 when launching Australia’s now leading fashion magazine. Stressed, exhausted and unable to turn off the continuous dialogue in her head, she found mediation to be the perfect anecdote and has been committed to the practice ever since.

Carolyne’s life journey and unique experiences combine to make her workshops practical, enjoyable and memorable.

Current work

Carolyne is a certified teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart.
She has participated enthusiastically and extensively with Drunvalo Melchelzidek over the past 17 years, attending the Flower of Life and Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops.

Carolyne also teaches Mindful Leadership courses
in corporate companies. Mindful Leadership embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity and compassion in the workplace. Mindfulness is being taught and practised in a growing number of organisations worldwide in the effort to improve personal and professional effectiveness and overall organizational productivity.

Previous experience

Education: In 2007, Carolyne attended the Chopra Centre in the US to complete teacher training in Primordial Sound Meditation with Deepak Chopra. Three years later, she walked away from rolling deadlines, endless presentations, steep budgets, staff management and constant client demands to share her passion and talent with others.


Talking Points