Catherine Saxelby

Nutritionist, author and speaker.


Catherine Saxelby knows nutrition! From fast food to vitamins, she has written and talked about virtually every aspect of healthy eating.

Catherine is one of Australia’s best-known nutritionists and food commentators, who understands the demands of today’s busy world and the complexity of food issues today. She can cut through the clutter – so you know what to eat for dinner tonight!

Current Work:

Catherine has written more than 3,000 articles and almost 1,000 posts on all aspects of healthy eating and medical diets. She has had columns published in magazines such as Healthy Food Guide, Super Food Ideas, Women’s Weekly, Who, Prevention and New Idea.

Catherine delivers seminars and workshops to corporate groups as well as the food industry and health professionals.

She also works with food producers, supermarkets and publishers to make healthy eating easy and taste good. She helps these groups communicate better so consumers can understand nutrition and put into practice good eating habits.

Previous Experience:

Author: The author of 12 books, her book Nutrition for Life has clocked up sales of almost 500 000, making it one of the most enduring nutrition books in the country. In 2018, she released an update of her book the Complete Food and Nutrition Companion after two years of solid research.

Media: Catherine’s media portfolio includes
– Guest appearances on TV shows such as Sunrise, A Current Affair, Good Morning Australia, news on all commercial networks as well as Sky News.
– Radio Commentary
– Comments on diet for magazines such as Australian Women’s Weekly, Body & Soul (Sunday Telegraph), Healthwatch (Herald-Sun), Life (Sun-Herald).


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