Chris Morris

Information technology and communications authority.


Chris Morris is one of the most prominent authorities on IT and in particular the Asia/Pacific IT market.

He combines this knowledge with refined communication skills that make his expertise valuable for a whole range of audiences. He is equally at home with a big picture address looking at the future of business or alternatively the more specialised area that may be the focus of IT users, vendors, or policy makers.

Current work

Chris now runs his own consultancy but was most recently the Group Vice President and Director of Research, Asia Pacific for Gartner. His areas of speciality include strategic planning facilitation, international marketing, CRM, social aspects of IT, e-business – the importance of the customer, future business trends and teamwork development. He is a stimulating and entertaining speaker – always informative and well presented.


Talking Points
The Future of Business
The Implications of Information Technology for the Future
Using IT to Facilitate Systems and Cut the Cost of Doing Business