Chris Unwin

Giving you the right track to run on.


Chris Unwin graduated from Oxford University with a law degree in July 1977 and by November 1978 was working as a commission only life insurance broker in the City of London.

Over the next 10 years, he built a personal client base of around 400 clients and recruited, trained, motivated and managed a team of 14 brokers from scratch.

Current work

Chris sold his advice business in 2017 and is now exclusively focused on his consultancy.

Previous experience

Corporate: In 1989, he was one of 12 employees to establish a Sydney branch of the UK based company, and between May 1989 and December 1990 recruited approximately 150 brand new financial advisers, mostly with no experience in sales or financial services, which clearly created a huge need for training. Keen for a new challenge, he volunteered for the task.

Training: From the early ’90s, Chris designed and delivered numerous training courses, initially for new advisers in the area of generic sales/communication skills, and then more advanced courses in the same area for more experienced advisers. In his adviser role he decided to specialise in the risk advice area, developing more specialised training programmes around the risk advice process, still focusing primarily on the engagement skills, and also helping financial planners to understand better the role of protection in a financial plan and how to position it with clients.

More: In 2004 he was appointed a Director of Training in a large dealer group but decided to go back to doing the two things he was most passionate about: helping clients with their personal protection requirements and helping financial advisers do a better job for their clients in the risk advice area.


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