Claire Turnbull

Wellbeing expert, nutritionist, entrepreneur and author


Claire Turnbull is a passionate and energetic speaker with over 18 years’ experience captivating both New Zealand and overseas audiences. She calls on her work, study and personal stories in the wellbeing industry to cover a wide range of topics that will leave your audience inspired, motivated and engaged!

As a qualified nutritionist and holistic wellness expert, Claire is extremely knowledgeable. Still, as a working mum of two young boys trying to manage the juggle, she is relatable and realistic. She draws on her experience in nutrition, psychology, sleep, fitness and wellness to deliver highly engaging content on a range of topics that can be tailored to align with the key themes of your event and the modern workplace.

Claire delivers keynotes, workshops, webinars, retreats, and cooking demonstrations and is a skilled MC for conferences and events, both live and online. ?Claire offers ideas and inspiration to enhance your health and happiness. She will inspire you to create a healthy and happy life that feels good inside and out.

Current work
Claire is New Zealand’s leading nutritionist and the founder of Mission Nutrition, with a team of 18 Dietitians and Nutritionists working alongside her around New Zealand, supporting people to improve their lives and wellbeing. She is a published author with two best-selling books: ‘Lose Weight for Life’ and ‘Feel Good for Life’, and has self-published her own wellbeing planners.

For over 16 years, she has been the nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide and does a vast amount of work in the media in NZ, including prime-time TV shows and regularly featuring on TVNZ Breakfast, Fair Go and Newstalk ZB.

With a BSc (Hons) in Dietetics UK, NZ Registered Nutritionist, Claire is currently studying positive psychology and plans to do a diploma in neuroscience next.

Originally from the UK, Claire grew up in a family of health professionals, her dad a doctor, mum a nurse, and brother a pharmacist and anaesthetist. So health is in her blood! Claire trained as a Dietitian and Fitness instructor in the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2003 to work for Diabetes New Zealand. Following her passion for supporting others to make it easier to live a healthy balanced life, Claire’s work has also included the role of Dietitian for professional sports teams for many years, including NZ Rugby and various high-performance athletes.

For many years, Claire has been a passionate ambassador for Bowel Cancer NZ, The Child Cancer Foundation and Project Employ, plus she also helps with Monty Betham’s Steps for Life programme.

Claire has been through her own mental health challenges, managing depression for many years in her 20s and, more recently, post-natal anxiety. Plus in 2020, she suffered a brain injury – so she knows the reality of managing mental wellbeing!


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