Clint Robinson

Australian kayaking and surf-lifesaving great.


Clint Robinson was a Queensland country boy with a dream who proved commitment and dedication could make that dream a reality. He became an Olympic Kayaking champion, an Australian K1 1000m Champion and a World Champion in 5 different Paddlesports, a record unmatched anywhere in the world.

At just 20 years of age, Clint achieved what most athletes strive for their entire life: an Olympic Gold Medal.
However, he has come a long way from that life-changing race at the Barcelona Olympics and is now a World Champion in Sprint Kayaking, surf-lifesaving spec skiing and boarding, ocean skiing and team (six men) out-rigging. He has competed internationally for two and a half decades and his list of accolades is extensive. It includes, but is not limited to, world champion titles in: single ski and board races, the Molokai six-man Outrigger race, the Molokai Surf Ski competition and kayaking. He is an eleven-time K1 1000m Champion and a five-time K1 500m Champion. He has two World Surf Titles and three Ocean Ski World Titles.

Clint has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal in recognition of his contribution to Australian sport and was inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame in 2014. He surpassed Ironman legend Trevor Hendy’s record to become the world’s most successful lifesaver, with a staggering 36 National Gold Medals. He was awarded the Peter Lacey Memorial Award for being the most outstanding competitor of the Championships and has been honoured with the captaincy of several world-champion Australian Surf-Lifesaving teams.

Clint grew up in country Queensland just outside Maroochydore and still lives on the Sunshine Coast. With his father as his primary coach, Clint’s sporting life was very much a family affair. The Robinson family recognised Clint’s athletic ability early, and by the time he was 12 he represented Queensland in athletics, rugby league and surf-lifesaving.

Kayaking is Clint’s greatest love; he has won three Olympic Medals and a World Title, represented Australia at five Olympic Games and has won 32 Australian Championship Gold medals. Clint believes there is no path to success that doesn’t involve hard work and commitment. He has an intense love of his country and a passion for success.

This passion gives him the ability to captivate any audience. His achievements in kayaking and his dedication to all he undertakes, have proven to be an inspiration to all that know him.