Col Cameron

The total master of ceremonies.


Col Cameron is a veteran in corporate events and entertainment. With over 20 years of performing behind him in a variety of roles including comedian, master of ceremonies, musician as well as writer and producer, he has the unique ability to see your event through the eyes of the event manager, end client and audience. Col’s style is always focused on connecting with the audience and establishing a relaxed environment. His many years as a stand up comic and club MC has honed his skills at preparing the atmosphere for others to flourish. Keynote speakers to nervous CEOs have all appreciated Col’s excellent work in preparing the audience for their presentation.

Current work

Col is an active MC and is often called on as a troubleshooter. A typical event will see Col quickly assess choreography and staging of guest speakers or award recipients, check sound and lighting, confirm scripts and often reedit on the spot and preempt any issues that may arise ahead of time. Once he hits the stage Col will ensure the audience only sees a smooth production from start to finish. No wonder Col Cameron is the MC of choice for demanding and discerning event managers across the country.

Col also loves to create interactive activities for guests including custom written quizzes, fun physical challenges and energizers all with a comedy twist.

Previous experience

Founder: Col became a founding member of Wacky Entertainment in 1996. During Col’s time with Wacky, which continues today, he has clocked up thousands of corporate and festival performances all over Australia and South East Asia including The Logies (white carpet warm up), the ’06 Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village, the Australian Open Tennis 1999-08, the Australian Grand Prix 2000-08, Citibank (Greece, Japan, Spain, Vietnam), Star Hub Launch Singapore, Hong Kong Christmas celebrations and the V-Power national launch roadshow for Shell Australia.
In 2007 Col performed his solo stand-up show “Like a Fish out of Water” in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival followed by 2008 MICF and “Obsessions” at the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival.


Talking Points