Darren Hill

Leave a lasting impression.


Lasting impressions matter. Whether you are in leadership, sales, or putting on a conference; the key to your success is how well you are remembered.

So much information assaults our senses every day, with mind-blowing amounts of data at our disposal every second. It has created an increased need to be memorable; in today’s world the ability to take root in someone’s mind has never been more important.

Think about it for a second, if you are a sales agent amongst an army of others, have you truly thought about how you might leave a lasting impression that would lead to the next sale? Perhaps you are a leader who needs their team to move in a specific direction; will they remember what you have requested, and more so, will they care? Lasting impressions matter now more than they ever have.

Darren Hill understands people like few others. A behavioural scientist, Darren’s study of people has seen him emerge as one of Australia’s most authoritative voices on the topic of behavioural dynamics within business.

With an incredibly diverse working background, from abattoir worker to bouncer, pubs to the public service, Darren is truly a speaker who can communicate to both blue-collar and white-collar audiences.

Darren’s practical and grounded messages about human behaviour are insightful, credible and often very, very funny. Audiences leave knowing more about themselves, and the people they work with. Darren leaves a lasting impression on any conference, training day or strategic planning workshop. He is simply excellent at what he does, because he goes to great lengths to understand the people he is there for.

Current work

Darren is the Executive Director for Pragmatic Thinking, a dynamic behavioural strategy company, and is a contracted author with international publishing powerhouse Wiley, and a sought-after speaker and trainer.


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