David Mearns

World renowned shipwreck hunter.


David Mearns is one of the world’s most experienced and successful deep-sea shipwreck hunters.

Over his 23-year career he has led the research and discovery of 21 major shipwrecks achieving an overall success rate of 85%. In both shallow and deep water David and BWR have set new standards for the location of lost ships, proving that anything lost at sea – no matter how old or how deep – can be found.

David’s most notable discoveries include;

HMAS Sydney – the greatest maritime mystery in Australian history

Kormoran – a German raider scuttled after defeating HMAS Sydne

HMS Hood – flagship of the Royal Navy sunk by the Bismarck

Esmeralda – a Portuguese Nau from the 1503 fleet of Vasco da Gama

Rio Grande – the deepest shipwreck ever found at 5,762 metres

Derbyshire – the largest shipping loss in British maritime history

Lucona – a cargo ship sunk by a time bomb that murdered its crew