Dorinda Hafner

International TV celebrity, businesswoman and author.


Dorinda Hafner is a head-spinning combination of many things. She is first a mother, a registered nursing sister, an optician, an author, an actor, a public speaker and a humanitarian who has worked tirelessly over the years with various Australian charities and instigated a charity called Australian Sponsorship for African Kids.


Dorinda has received numerous awards over the years including “African Australian Woman of the Year” & “Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Leadership & Advocacy for African Women & their communities in SA” plus the title of “Living Legend” awarded at the Sydney Opera House in 2012 and whilst in office, Prime Minister Julia Gillard named her as “A People of Australia Ambassador”

She’s the author of 8 books (including 2 International best sellers, 2 translated into Dutch and Portuguese and her 7th & 8th books won International Awards at the World Gourmand Awards in Paris and Beijing). She’s a passionate foodie and a celebrated television chef whose award winning culinary anthropology series still screen at various times in over 48 countries.

Previous experience

For ten years, Dorinda was a food presenter with Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia. She can regale you with tales of her life – born as a descendant of Ashanti Royalty, her Colonial Methodist Ladies College education in Ghana and being the first black RN trained at St Georges Hospital London.

Dorinda sits at tables with princes and paupers alike and her popularity with most cultures is a credit to her outstanding communication skills.

Dorinda has been described as a cross between Aphrodite and Sophie Tucker, the diva of all things delicious and a queen of stage and skillet – a larrikin of life. She simply describes herself as a proud Civil Marriage Celebrant and a passionate South Australian!

She is a true child of the universe, and a kaleidoscope of colour and vibrancy. She “infects” everyone who watches or meets her with enormous enthusiasm and reminds them that life is here to be lived, appreciated and shared!


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