Dr. Attracta Lagan

Managing corporate values and ethics.


Dr Attracta Lagan is a leading Australian business ethicist who has worked extensively in the corporate area in Australia and throughout Asia. She seeks to challenge leaders to develop positive values-led workplace cultures that balance what is good for business with what is good for society.

Attracta is a subject expert in behaviour ethics. She draws on the latest research from behaviour science to ensure leaders are forewarned and forearmed about their ethical risks and the ways in which an organisation’s cultural context can corrupt its employees.

Current work

She is currently working in the areas of presently advising business leaders on the ethical issues surrounding the design and implementation of AI in the workplace.

Previous experience

Ethics: She has worked alongside the leaders of many major enterprises in Australia and Asia helping Exco teams measure and benchmark culture, draft organizational values and business principle statements and engage employees in their ethical accountabilities.

Government: Attracta has also provided ethics advisory services to several government enterprises and this has ranged from establishing protocols and selecting Commissioners to sitting on Ethics Review Panels.

Author: Attracta was the founding director of consulting services at the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney before going on to head up KPMG’s national Ethics & Sustainability practice for several years. She is the author of over 80 industry articles and two management texts in applied business ethics.