Dr. Amanda Ferguson

Popular general and organisational psychologist, author, podcaster, social commentator and global expert in work engagement and burnout.


Dr. Amanda Ferguson is a global expert in work engagement, productivity, and burnout. She is highly experienced in helping individuals and organisations, particularly with the all-important employee-organisation alliance. She has a Master’s Degree and PhD in Organisational Psychology, from Macquarie University.

Current Work:

Dr. Amanda has been in private practice and corporate consulting for 30 years. She has consulted extensively to multinational organisations such as IBM Global, AMP, Macquarie Bank, Telstra, NSW Health, Ernst & Young, providing countless keynote addresses, training, executive coaching, and workshops. Dr. Amanda is a long-time organisational psychologist, experienced in a vast array of workplace issues, and having served as a mentor to professionals from all walks of life. She loves helping people and organisations work better together and individually, find meaning, satisfaction and successful transitions in life, work, and relationships. She is widely regarded as the go-to source on all things related to work, goals, and performance.

Media: Dr. Amanda regularly provides her insights in the media and has appeared on national prime-time television, radio, and in major print as an expert in professional and self-development since 2002. She shares her expertise alongside a variety of guests on her podcast ‘Psych for Life, with Dr. Amanda Ferguson’, discussing topics such as personal and work issues, relationships, mental health, performance and more.

Published author:
Her first book, ‘LifeWorks: Rediscover Yourself and Transform Your Relationships’ published by HarperCollins in 2002 was a sell-out in its first year and received excellent reviews in The Sydney Morning Herald and by Relationships Australia’s CEO and The Australian Psychological Society.

When she is not sailing her boat on Sydney’s beautiful Pittwater or in clinic, Dr. Amanda can be found sitting by her window working on her next book, which discusses ambitious goal achievement.


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