Dr. Emma Jane

Award-winning author, internationally renowned scholar, and gender rights advocate


Dr Emma A. Jane is a writer and Associate Professor based at UNSW Sydney where she researches the social and ethical impacts of emerging technology with a particular focus on sex and gender.

Her 11th book, Diagnosis Normal – a memoir published by Penguin in 2022 – combines academic research with a frank discussion of her own experiences of child sexual abuse, mental illness, cancer, and autism.

Current Work:

Emma is an experienced public speaker and media performer and has presented the findings of her research to the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and the All About Women, festival at the Sydney Opera House. Stanford University has ranked her as being in the top 2% of researchers in the world in her field, while her contributions to helping solve the problem of gendered cyberhate have been commended by the NSW Parliament. She has also appeared in documentaries such as Cyberhate with Tara Moss (ABC iView), Is Australia Sexist? (SBS), and the award-winning #FatUglySlut (Kwassa Films, Belgium).

Prior to her career in academia, she published as “Emma Tom” and spent 25 years working in the Australian print, broadcast, and electronic media. Over the course of her working life, she has received multiple awards and prizes for her research, teaching, journalism, and fiction.


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