Dr. Ian James Gawler

Ancient wisdom for the modern world.


Dr Ian Gawler has played a major role in pioneering and popularizing meditation and other mind-body techniques in the Western world. A powerful advocate of a healthy lifestyle, Ian has appeared widely in the media and presented at many major conferences.

Ian began his working life as a veterinarian, then in 1975 he had his right leg amputated due to bone cancer. The cancer recurred later that year and utilizing a wide range of treatment modalities and self-help options, Ian survived against the odds.

Current Work:

Dr Gawler co-founded the world’s first lifestyle-based cancer self-help group in 1981 and the first similar groups for people with multiple sclerosis in 2001. Ian convened Australia’s first Mind-Body Medicine conference in 1995. His biography The Dragon’s Blessing was published by Guy Allenby in 2008.

Ian has authored six bestselling books, including the internationally acclaimed and recently revised You Can Conquer Cancer that has been translated into 14 languages. Ian’s latest book is The Mind that Changes Everything and he is a regular blogger. He has also co-developed a meditation platform app, the Meditation Gateway.

Previous Experience:

Dr Gawler holds a degree in Veterinary Science and a Masters in Counselling.
In 1987, Ian Gawler was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to the community.


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