Dr. John Tickell

The key to success is self-management.


Dr John Tickell is a medically qualified doctor who draws on his decades of experience in community and business practice, as well as his international research, having developed a powerful formula for the life skills of Activity, Coping and Eating – the ACE skills based on the patterns of the longest living, healthiest people on Earth.

Dr John is an internationally renowned speaker who presents to numerous community groups, industry associations, and companies in Australia and the USA.

He is known for involving audiences and discussing ways to maintain or regain health, and get the wellness winning edge, working with smaller groups through to his National TV shows in America – “Love, Laugh and Eat your way to 100”.

Following a session with Dr John Tickell, people can walk away with a different, uplifting view and a positive attitude shift in life.

The good doctor has travelled and researched the long living, healthy habits in a total of over 100 countries on the planet, along with two of his MD children.

Rated a “Top 10 Best Take Home Value” speaker in the world by the prestigious Young Presidents Organisation, Dr Tickell has changed thousands of lives for the better.


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