Dr. Karen Phillip

Enhanced communication techniques to obtain the results you want and need.


Lifestyle Doctor Karen Phillip is a professional and well trained professional speaker. She speaks at industry conferences as a keynote speaker. She is a trainer within organisations to improve employee relationships and increase productivity. Karen empowers and educates on enhanced communication techniques to obtain the results you want and need.

Dr Karen instructs audiences on how to achieve improved health, wealth and happiness following the Law of Attraction. Change the Mind, change the Result. Karen describes why some people struggle and remain unsatisfied and unhappy in their life while others achieve, are motivated and seem to attract wealth and success. It is all about our minds thoughts resulting in changed behaviours. Learn how to attract success, love, happiness and wealth into your life.

Karen speaks to groups of women assisting them to reduce mother guilt. She discusses the extraordinary pressure women face and how women can in fact have it all regardless of where they are currently positioned.

Karen is inspirational, informative and fun. She connects with the audience. Karen loves to enlighten others and enjoys workplace training to improve the work environment. Karen can speak on a variety of informative topics, all relevant to people’s lives.

She empowers, strengthens and leaves the audience informed and stronger. She is a wonderful motivational speaker.


Talking Points
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Law of Attraction
Women are powerful, no one can keep you down
Transform your life using 3 powerful words
> In communication Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus. Learn why and how you can learn to understand, listen and be heard by your partner
Find the right balance
Who Runs Your House - the kids or you? Get your parental power back
Manage a dynamic team
Communicate to be Understood easily - and agreed with