Dr. Ken Hudson

Inventor of Blitz and Speed Thinking.


Dr Ken Hudson is one of the most creative thinkers, speakers and consultants in Australia. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups and teams – quickly!

Current work

Dr Ken Hudson is a lively, engaging keynote speaker, trainer, mentor and facilitator. He works with a range of small to large businesses, helping leaders to create and build breakthrough new products, solutions and growth opportunities. He also conducts thinking training, and facilitates strategy and idea generation workshops.

Previous experience

Author: He is the best-selling author of The Idea Generator (Allen & Unwin, 2007), The Idea Accelerator (Allen & Unwin, 2008) and Speed Thinking (Allen & Unwin, 2010). One or all of these books have been published or distributed in Australia, UK, Taiwan, Italy, France, Brazil, South Africa and the US.

Interviews: Dr Hudson has been interviewed by Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, The Australian Financial Review, The Boss Magazine and contributed articles for Marketing Magazine, HR Monthly, Leading Company and Fast Thinking.

Clients: His clients include Qantas, TNT, Crown Castle, Intel, MYOB, Westfield, DuPont, Heinz, Hilton Hotels, Network Ten, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Baxter Healthcare, The China Institute of Innovation and Dell Computers.

Education: He has been Marketing Director for American Express, has played first grade cricket and soccer, is a 33rd Generation Disciple in Shaolin Kung Fu, and holds a PhD from the University of Western Sydney, an MBE from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney.


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