Dr. Michael Bonning

Doctor for the Australian Navy, Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service.


Dr Michael Bonning works in Sydney as a medical officer for the Royal Australian Navy and also at the Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service. He has previously led the Australian Medical Students’ Association and the Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors in Training and has been on the boards of beyondblue, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Postgraduate Medical Council of Queensland and is also senior director of the consulting company, Cor Mentes.

His interest in leadership has mainly focused on practical issues such as situational awareness and strategic decision making in stressful situations as well as the academic underpinnings of what makes good leaders and the relationship between what is instinctive and what is learned.

He used this experience to advise political campaigns, advocacy organisations and help steer not-for-profit organisations. He likes social media and has provided advice on the social media aspects of advocacy and political campaigns. He believes that better leadership is vital for a healthy Australia and is working on public health strategies that deal with equity and financial autonomy.