Dr. Nikki Bart

Elite Mountaineer, World-Record Holder & Cardiologist


Nikki Bart is an elite mountaineer, and world record holder for being part of the first ever mother-daughter team to climb Mt. Everest.

Upon reaching the top, they also became the first mother-daughter duo to complete the Seven Summits: climbing the highest peak of every continent in the world. Nikki has also skied unsupported to the North Pole and climbed the tallest Volcano in remote Antarctica.
For her accomplishments, she was the recipient of the National Geographic “Spirit of Adventure “Award.

Current Work:

Nikki is also a heart failure and transplant cardiologist, looking after some of the sickest patients in Australia. She performs invasive, high-risk procedures after years of patients to help people with failing hearts. Nikki’s love of helping sick patients has also led her to heart failure research, and she is the laboratory head leading a pioneering research group.

She holds a PhD from Oxford University and has been the recipient of several prestigious leadership and research scholarships including the Fulbright and Sir John Monash Scholarship. Nikki’s unique leadership and teamwork skillset as an elite sportsperson and a highly skilled clinician-researcher make her a sought-after keynote speaker and team facilitator. She teaches yearly on the topics of management and leadership for the Harvard Extension School.

In addition, she has spoken for several high-powered executive teams including the Young Presidents’ Organisation, Google Connected Women and BMW. Nikki’s speakers’ topics include leadership, risk management and goal setting. She is also available for offsite facilitation of executive teams.


Talking Points
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