Dr. Peter Ellyard

Australia's most prominent futurist.


Dr Peter Ellyard is Australia’s most prominent futurist as well as a strategist, speaker and author. Peter is particularly known for his highly original, challenging and inspirational ideas on shaping the future, and for his motivational addresses on future-making.

Current experience:
His most recent work has involved the development of a world-first Concepts Bank and Toolkit for the Shaping the Future, this is the result of 30 years work that will become available in 2019.

Previous experience:

Peter is a graduate of Sydney University and of Cornell University (Ph.D). He is Chairman of the Preferred Futures Institute, which he founded in 1991, where he assists individuals, families, organisations, communities and nations to chart and implement visions and strategies to ensure success in an emerging, twenty-first century integrated, interdependent, global society.

Peter has a distinguished record in public sector leadership and administration, including three years as Executive Director of The Australian Commission for the Future. He held CEO positions in a number of public sector organizations over 15 years, including two associated with environment and planning and one with industry and technology, and was also Chief of Staff of the Office of Environment Ministers in Canberra for three years. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators, the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Institute of Management. He has been a Senior Adviser to the United Nations system for more than 40 years, including the UNDP, UNEP and UNESCO, and was involved in the 1992 Earth Summit as a Senior Advisor on both the climate change and the biodiversity conventions.

Peter is the author of four books: Ideas for the New Millennium (1998, 2001), Designing 2050: Pathways to Sustainable Prosperity on Spaceship Earth (2008), Destination 2050: A Concepts Bank and Toolkit for Future-makers (2013) and The Future Knowledge Compendium (to be published in 2019).


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