Dr. Ragnar Purje

How To Take Control, of What Cannot be Controlled, with Responsibility Theory®


Neuroscientist Dr Ragnar Purje holds the position of Adjunct Lecturer School of Education and the Arts, Central Queensland University.

His thesis focussed on the success of his pioneering form of acquired brain injury complex movement therapy. The therapy is now referred to as Multi-Movement Therapy (MMT). Ragnar’s thesis has also added two new descriptors into the lexicon of human biology; these are neurofluidity and hólos. Neurofluidity are the neurological processes that lead to the condition of brain plasticity. Hólos is a descriptor which, provides a category that unifies the brain and the body, with this single word. Hólos derives from the Greek: ???? ? ólos. The English word holistic is derived from hólos. Holistic and hólos offer the same classification. Holistic and hólos incorporate the concept of holism.

Current Work:

Ragnar is the author of Responsibility Theory® (A new consideration in classroom behaviour management). Responsibility Theory® is an immersive systematic self-talk sequence learning program. The purpose of which is to empower teachers and inspire and transform students. Haibo He emphasises that “sequence learning is presumably among one of the most important components of human intelligence.”
Responsibility Theory® (Who’s got the power?)® presents ten powerful precepts which provides teachers, educators, and parents with additional pedagogical and social tools, that fits in with any teaching style, any classroom behavior management program, and all school rules. Responsibility Theory® also fits in with all parental home rules.

From a school perspective, once teachers are informed about what Responsibility Theory® is and how it should be applied, the next stage is for the teachers, in accordance with their own personality and teaching styles, to begin introducing the program to their students. As part of this process the students are informed by their teacher that each student can immediately use this knowledge and power to take control of their thinking and behavior, which will help them to constructively advance their well-being, their social skills and academic potential; not only for today, but forever.

Associated with this is Ragnar’s Responsibility Theory® and Self-empowerment Program. The motto of which is: (You’ve got the power to change your brain, your thinking, your behaviour, your attitude, your choices, your actions and your life – but only if that is what you want to do). This program is also based on neuroscience and brain plasticity research with associated research in the disciplines of psychology, counselling, sociology, education and pedagogy.

This program is suitable for teachers and senior secondary school students, Year 10, 11 and 12. Parental permission must be provided. That is because this program, in accordance with the principles and practice of Responsibility Theory® (Who’s got the power?)® will be presenting information and specific strategies dealing with negative life-style choices, specifically dealing with tobacco use, drug use, alcohol use, and there will also be a presentation dealing with gambling.

The Responsibility Theory® and Self-empowerment program is suitable for teachers, senior students (which, as noted, must have parental permission to attend), and also that of colleges, universities, corporations or any organisation that is interested in advancing personal and social wellbeing; by constructively and systematically dealing with negative life-style choices and negative influences of peers and others. “Everyday thought, especially when used systematically, is a potent way to stimulate neurons” (Norman Doidge).

Ragnar is the initiator of NeuroNumeracy®, an intensive self-motivating and transformative neuroscience brain-based numeracy learning program for Prep and Grade One children, the purpose of which is to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding of the four operations in mathematics. In support of this program Ragnar us the author of the titled: I Love Maths.

Ragnar has completed three Master of Education Degrees (Education; Guidance and Counselling; Leadership and management). He has two Bachelor Degrees (Physical Education and Psychology). He has also completed five Postgraduate awards (Education; Sports Science; Exercise and the Sports Sciences; Health Counselling; and Communication studies). Ragnar is a former Australian karate champion.


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Responsibility Theory® (Who’s got the power?)® for schools and teachers
Responsibility Theory® and Self-empowerment Program