Dr. Robert Kay

Innovation, Resilience & Decision Making


Robert Kay is Australia’s most sought after keynote speaker on governance and innovation. He is also a renowned social researcher having interviewed hundreds of CEOs and Directors from Australia’s leading corporates.

With a career that has continuously moved between industry and academia, Robert’s perspective is based on a rare mix of practical experience and rigorous academic research.

Robert believes, that understanding what makes organisations tick is not something you can achieve through a simple survey. You need to get inside the minds of its decision makers to identify the patterns of behaviour that make a difference.

His keynotes distill his observations into clear messages that he communicates through the innovative use of video and emotion charged stories. You don’t forget the lessons you learn through stories and you won’t forget Robert’s presentations either. Furthermore his presentations provide the audience with a simple yet powerful language to talk about the complex challenges of governance and innovation.

Robert’s presentations have changed the way leadership teams look at themselves, their organisations, and innovation in general providing ongoing value long after the event.

Current work

Executive Director of globally recognized think tank – Incept Labs, and an Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University,

Previous experience

Positions: He was formerly the Head of Strategic Innovation at Westpac Banking Corporation; a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Organisational Development at UTS, and a Research Analyst for Bovis Lend Lease.

Study: Over the last 5 years he has been commissioned to undertake multiple studies of senior leaders, covering issues as wide ranging as organizational resilience, the relationship between governance and performance and a world-first comparison between public and private sector approaches to innovation. In combination these studies have led to powerful insights about how organisations can deal with disruption, the role of trust, and approaches to change that lead you to question the way you think about organisations.


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