Dr. Stefan Hajkowicz

Leading natural resource management research scientist.


Stefan Hajkowicz is a principal scientist in strategy and foresight at CSIRO.

His role is increasingly focused on translational research which aims to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and its application in industry. Stefan also works as the Data61 Sector Lead for Digital Services.

This sector is concerned with supporting data-driven decision-making in government, industry and community organisations. It’s also concerned with supporting digital economy growth and development in cities and regions.

During his CSIRO career he has delivered hundreds of research and consulting projects to industry and government clients. In recent times he led the development of Australia’s national artificial intelligence roadmap and ethics framework.

Stefan has a doctorate in geography from the University of Queensland and a graduate diploma in economics from the University of New England. He has been appointed to professional foresight groups at the OECD and World Economic Forum. He is a world-leading expert on multiple criteria decision analysis and has authored many research papers on the topic.

His book Global Megatrends is a CSIRO Publishing best-seller. He has over 5,100 citations on Google Scholar, and over 100 publications, in the fields of foresight, strategy, decision theory and economic geography.