Dr. Timothy J. Sharp

Founder, The Happiness Institute.


The Happiness Institute was established in September, 2003 by Dr. Timothy J. Sharp.

Dr. Sharp (also known as Dr. Happy) is a well-known, highly regarded clinical and coaching psychologist who has devoted the last few years of his career to building an award winning private practice from which he and his team have helped thousands of people overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and relationship difficulties.

Dr. Timothy Sharp is also a lecturer at the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales, a best selling author (of “The Happiness Handbook” and “The Good Sleep Guide”, published by Penguin Australia), and a highly regarded corporate and public speaker whose lectures and workshops cover topics such as work/life balance, personal productivity, time management, stress management and, of course, happiness.

In addition to the wonderful work the clinicians in his practice do, and will continue to do to alleviate suffering in those who are distressed, Dr. Sharp has determined to devote more of his energies to enhancing happiness (not just reducing distress). To assist with this endeavour he has brought together a fantastic and energetic team of caring and happy professionals to assist him deliver The Happiness Institute’s services.