Elliot Goblet

Popular corporate entertainer.


Elliot Goblet (Jack Levi) is one of Australia’s most original, well known and best loved comedians.

Current work
90% of his work, however, is as a corporate entertainer at events including conferences, product launches, dinners and client parties (for nearly every one of Australia’s top 200 companies), where you’ll see a more animated and more personable Elliot Goblet.

To date he has done over a thousand of these events, and his major strength is his ability to write specific but tasteful material for each presentation, after much research into the industry, company or association, and the people who might be good comedy targets (if appropriate).

Previous experience

He has performed throughout Australia and in seven other countries including America, England, New Zealand and Canada at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Best known for his over 60 appearances as a stand up comedian on national television including Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday and The Footy Show and guest actor appearances on Fat Pizza and Neighbours, he is also the author of a best-selling book, an ARIA-nominated CD, and was host of the Qantas in-flight audio comedy channel world wide.

Through his specific tailoring, Elliot Goblet can provide his clients with solid benefits such as improvement in motivation and improvement in communication. Additionally, he’ll make a positive emotional impact and give his audiences plenty of laughs.