Eloise Hall

Co-Founder & Managing Director of TABOO


Eloise Hall is the Managing Director and co-founder of TABOO Period Products, a social enterprise that sells pads and tampons in Australia, with all profits dedicated to eradicating period poverty.

Current Work:

From co-founding, and now, directing TABOO Period Products, Eloise is a passionate activist for the Social Enterprise business model. She is completing a double bachelor’s degree in Business and International Relations and seeks to make structural change to bridge systematic and global inequality.

Eloise has been recognised as the youngest of InDaily’s 40 Under 40 Recipients, in honour of her work to eradicate Period Poverty through the Co-Founded venture, TABOO. She is a recipient of the Advertisers’ woman of the Year Rising star award, 2021 and was a Women in Innovation Finalist in 2019.


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