Emily Toner

Authentic, Science-Based Wellbeing for People & Planet


Emily Toner is a leading expert in the fields of mindfulness and positive psychology.

As a nationally registered Clinical Psychologist with a research background in positive psychology and behavioural neuroscience, Emily uses her knowledge of behaviour to help people move through stress, fear and overwhelm into motivated states of compassion and action for themselves and the planet.

Emily has spent the past ten years delivering tailored wellbeing and mindfulness programs for organisations such as Deloitte, ANZ, Seek and Medibank and has given talks to a wide range of audiences – from exec boards, athletes, accountants, lawyers and health professionals, to teachers, activists and musicians.

Current Work

Emily is the ‘Live Better’ Mindfulness Ambassador for Medibank. She was previously the co-author and content creator for the meditation app Smiling Mind, a Lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and a consultant for the AFL Players Association.

Emily is a Climate Reality Leader, having attended Al Gore’s leadership training in 2019. Her work in ecological psychology aims to help people process climate grief and eco-anxiety, moving through states of overwhelm into compassion and care for themselves and the planet.

Emily is also a musician and founder of Wye in the Sky Records an independent, for-purpose music label that promotes a healthy lifestyle for a healthy planet and is the co-founder of
The Tambah Project, a green music platform that re-wilds the planet through music.

Emily gives regular expert opinion for a range of media, including The Age, Body & Soul and News Limited publications, has been featured on popular podcasts such as Seize the Yay and Stokely and is a regular writer for Peppermint Magazine.


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