Eric Campbell

Australia's Most Travelled Foreign Correspondent


Eric Campbell has spent 30 years covering the globe for ABC television, working as a bureau chief in Moscow, Beijing and Kabul and as roving reporter for the acclaimed television series ‘Foreign Correspondent’.

He has made documentaries on every continent, including Antarctica, covered wars, revolutions and natural disasters and explored the lives of extraordinary people from Siberia to Timbuktu.

Current Work:

His travels have given him a unique insight into today’s biggest international issues. He is an expert commentator on Russia and Ukraine, witnessed the rise of Chinese militarism first-hand (including running a Chinese blockade in disputed waters of the South China Sea) and chronicled the battle between democracy and authoritarianism around the world.

Eric is passionate about the challenge of climate change, after seeing the reality of global warming from the Arctic and the Himalaya to West Africa and the Falkland Islands. He has made several documentaries on renewable energy and the possibilities and pitfalls of technological solutions and explored the future of the coal industry in Spain, Germany and the US.

Much of the Australian public has grown up watching Eric’s travels, enjoying reports that combine humour and humanity with clear explanations of complex and sometimes disturbing events. Eric has spoken frankly of dealing with PTSD and the need to see the joy and hope that can shine from dark places.

Eric recently made the decision to scale back his travel to spend more time with his three-year- daughter. He is keen to share his experiences as he prepares for new adventures.


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