Gary Glenn

Dynamic motivation.


Gary Glenn is an established conference and training seminar presenter, with a speaking career that spans over 30 years.

Current work

Gary is an excellent motivator with strong messages delivered in an interesting and informative way. Gary Glenn has the ability, the background, the creative energy and the information that will make a difference to your team’s performance, as well, he is an expert in Managerial Leadership and Sales Skills across a broad range of companies and products. Every programme that he presents is highly customised to the needs of the grup and the company.

Previous experience

He has conducted presentations for organisations such as Bank of America, Westpac, MLC, Woolworths Foodstuffs NZ, Tupperware, Amway, Nutri-Metics USA, Country Road, Novo Shoes and many many others.

Gary works to present conference and training programmes all over the world. This gives him a global perspective on techniques that work to generate outstanding results for teams and companies. Gary is one of the few speakers today that can combine an educational and motivational message with such an enthusiastic and exciting approach.

Gary is well known for his thorough understanding of the personal development, sales and leadershop processes, his dynamic presentation style, his ability to communicate and motivate people, his user-friendly system of learning and his professionalism.

An outstanding Keynote presenter, Gary is an excellent motivator, with strong messages delivered in an interesting and informative way.