Geoff Jowett

Taking Control and Ownership of Business and Life


10 years ago Geoff Jowett was a household name with his Weight loss programs and morning Bodytrim informercials.

But through ego and addictions the wheels fell off his life, However he says it was the best thing that ever happened and he was finally taught the valuable lessons he needed to build a quality life and be a better human.

Current Work

Geoff now spends his time sharing the lessons he learnt through his rocks and diamonds life to date. He coaches, speaks, mentors others on how to avoid the trappings of success and build a happy, purpose driven life with meaning.

Through his gripping keynotes and workshops audience will be left with powerful insights on where they need to shift. This is not just another comeback story but rather a blueprint on how to truly succeed and be happy from a bloke who messed it up.


Talking Points
The Struggle is the Gift
Change your Mindset Change your Life
Actions not Achievements - Process not Outcome