Geoff Paine

Ready to roll.


Geoff Paine is a freelance writer, performer, MC and producer of corporate events, training films and TV and stage productions through his company, Ready to Roll.

As an MC, Geoff’s there to keep the event moving, the audience alert and make sure the important information gets through. He has worked as a professional improvisor (winning the national titles in Sydney) and specialises in making live events live.

The skills involved are being able to read the audience – do they need a lift in energy, the chance to speak or ask questions, to feel included in the proceedings or brought back to a quiet focus for the next session – and leading them there so the event flows.

And being on hand to deal with glitches like technical issues or a speaker running late or not showing up; Geoff’s dealt with all these eventualities and can act like a human ‘No More Gaps’ – filling the dead spots and lifting the mood accordingly.