Geraldine Doogue

Issues in society.


Born and raised in Perth, Geraldine Doogue AO is a renowned Australian journalist and broadcaster much loved for her work reporting on religious and social affairs.

Current experience:

In recent years, Geraldine has taken an interest in the relationship between Islam and the Western world, co-producing Tomorrow’s Islam in 2003 with Peter Kirkwood and in 2005 the pair co-authored a book Tomorrow’s Islam: Uniting Age-old Beliefs and a Modern World. She has authored several other publications and in 2014 was editor of The Climb: Conversations with Australian Women in Power.

In her ongoing role as presenter of the ABC Radio National program Saturday Extra and ABC TV’s Compass, Geraldine continues to tackle a wide range of subjects with rigour, optimism, humour and warmth.

Previous experience:

Geraldine has carved out an enviable reputation across print, television and radio, working on The Australian, ABC’s Nationwide, 2UE, Channel 10 news and hosting ABC TV’s Compass program.

She played a major role in ABC TV’s coverage of the Gulf War in 1991 seeing her awarded two Penguin Awards and a United Nations Media Peace Prize.

In 1992 Geraldine began presenting Life Matters, a new ABC Radio National program which set out to cover the full gamut of social issues in everyday life. For Geraldine, this has been the highlight of her career, providing new voices to the public conversation, those of the Australian public themselves.

In 2000, she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for social and cultural reporting and in 2003 she was made an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to the community and to the media on issues involving ethics, values, religion and social change.


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