Gerry McCusker

Modern media crises, trust and reputation


Today’s PR disasters move super-fast and in a media environment that easily ambushes brands and companies. Got a problem with social media? Facing hostile stakeholders? Staff behaving badly online? Facing a product recall or brand disaster?

Today’s companies are too often unprepared, unconvincing and vulnerable. And PR veteran Gerry McCusker says they really shouldn’t be.

Gerry literally wrote the book on PR Disasters and presents a no-BS and practical approach to the reputation management game. He’s a ‘go to’ expert media source when crises beset companies.

He is an internationally acclaimed author and a sought-after media commentator for issues management and reputation management.

Why book him? Great accent. Wisdom with wit. BS-free approach.

McCusker is able to capture attention, impart knowledge and maintain audience engagement, and has presented seminars on crisis management, crisis training and PR disasters at conferences in Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuwait, New Zealand, San Diego, Singapore.

His experience spans diverse industry sectors including Agri, Dairy, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Media plus Oil and Gas.

And his company built Australia’s first home grown crisis simulation portal called The Drill.


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