Girls on Film

A celebration of Hollywood's biggest stars.


Girls on Film is a fast paced, slick and classy production that celebrates Hollywood’s biggest stars, and brings you the greatest hit songs ever put to film.

Three of Australia’s finest performers deliver a fresh, new, high impact show designed to hit your event with a bang, and leave it with a wink and a smile.

With classic ballads, high-powered dance tracks and stunning medleys, Girls on Film is guaranteed to engage your guests and give them a most memorable night. Girls on Film is easily tailored to suit your event. Perfect as a conference opener, closer, or as your featured dinner entertainment!

For a performance that truly delivers entertainment, excitement and sheer excellence, and will take your event to the next level, nobody does it better than Girls on Film!

“These girls have it all, incredible talent, beauty, class and wit… together, they deliver a dynamite show… great entertainment!” – Hugh Jackman, 2010