Greg Alder

Global Creativity Crusader


Greg Alder has been called an economic stimulus on two legs, and an invaluable business resource.

Greg is on a passionate crusade to help every person rediscover their creative mojo. When they do, they become happier, more productive, more fulfilled, more innovative and more valuable.

Current Work

Since 1998, he has been running creativity, branding, culture and insight programs for clients around the world. His techniques have helped clients solve unsolved problems, see unseen opportunities and improve their positions.

Past & present clients include McDonalds, Woolworths, News Corp, P&G Latin America, Marie-Claire, BDO, Foxtel, Times Group of India, Governance Institute of Australia, Regional Development Australia, 7 West Media, Starlight Children’s Foundation, General Practitioners Education & Training, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Diageo, Four Seasons Hotels, Smith Kline French, Notre Dame University, Singapore Airlines, and CommSec.

He is currently in the process of writing the book of his creativity program, Hello Leonardo. His first book was The Fine Art of Losing Clients, is a handbook for those not born natural losers.

Previous Experience

A former student of architecture and psychology, Greg worked in marketing research before the bright lights of advertising beckoned. He has since won about 200 global communication awards, and he is the creator of the highly successful Bundy R Bear campaign


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