Heidi Di Santo

Fit for life.


Current work

Known as Australia’s Energy Expert’, leading lifestyle speaker Heidi di Santo is the author of Ignite Your Potential and Heidi’s Lose Size and Energise, and is perhaps best known through her regular contributions to Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.

Previous experience

A passionate, energetic, down to earth presenter who speaks from the heart about her own life experiences, Heidi finished high school at 16, graduated from a commerce degree at 18, became a finance manager at 21, started her own business at 23 and burned herself out by 25. Her early business success came at the expense of her health, and she was diagnosed with glandular fever and chronic fatigue syndrome. Heidi presents a strong message with ‘a little bit of funny in between’, and isn’t a ‘funny presenter with a little bit of message in between’!

Heidi’s particular expertise is showing people how to overcome the things that get in the way of them successfully making change. She believes that there are two main obstacles…

1. You mind and particularly its negativity. Its ability to procrastinate. Its ability to give up when the going gets tough. Heidi shows people how to take control of their mind and turn off the automatic pilot so they can expand their comfort zone and successfully make change. She explains that it is not the most talented people that succeed, but those who know what they want, who take action and who persevere; and…

2. Your health. You cannot be successful in life if you do not have your health. Heidi shows people how to be truly healthy, harvesting energy so that they can successfully implement change. She does this by getting people to look at their lifestyle, so that they can treat the cause of problems and not just the symptoms.


Talking Points
Attaining Peak Performance for Individuals and Organisations
Harmonizing Mind and Body Health, Stress, Change and Motivation
Ignite Your Potential
Lose Size and Energize