Hon.. Charlie Lynn

Expert on the Kokoda Trail.


Charlie Lynn is a former career soldier, politician, and adventurer. An acclaimed motivator and speaker, Charlie leads survival/leadership treks over the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea for business executives, young leaders and assorted city slickers.

Previous Experience

Arguably the most experienced non-Papuan trekker of the Kokoda Trail, Charlie has led 100 treks across the Trail since he first walked it in 1991.

Charlie has an extensive knowledge of the history of the Kokoda campaign and the politics of our relationship with Papua New Guinea. He has been inducted as an Officer of Logohu by the PNG Government for ‘for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations’ over the past 25 years’. He was recently inducted as a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to the NSW Parliament.


Talking Points
The Challenge of Kokoda