Human Rhythms

Teamwork and excitement.


Wow your team with an interactive performance using Drums, musical tubes and percussion instruments. Your group will feel entirely exhilarated after creating a musical masterpiece under the guidance of our Professional Drummer, who doesn’t speak throughout the entire tuition!

When it comes to sheer impact there are few groups to rival Human Rhythms – they combine surprise, fun, emotion and an instant sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Their performance commences with a strident musical introduction from the Human Rhythms team. Enthusiasm engulfs a surprised audience, who are introduced to drums, their means of expression for the duration of the experience.

Rhythmic contributions start rolling in from the delegates until everyone in the room is drawn into the cacophony of sounds. At this point, the Human Rhythms facilitators guide everyone through a series of simple beats and exercises turning 200 individuals into one orchestrated group. Groups are formed, tempo and volume are changed all under the expert direction of the Human Rhythms team.

The delegates become performers rather than spectators and they learn the importance of a team and its reliance on the individual.

At the conclusion of what is called the drum circle, delegates leave the room smiling and joking with one another, feeling elated, uplifted and ready for success.

It’s a remarkable experience with remarkable effects on team spirit!


Talking Points
Team Challenge: Create your own rhythm
The Team Builder: A team experience to remember
The Ice Breaker: Impact In quick time
Rhythm Safari
Team Maps
Squeeze Us In: Keeping everyone on their toes
The Didgedoo: A bonding cultural musical journey
The Big Gift: A great reward for a successful team