Ian Harvey

Produce better results through strategy and attitude.


Strat-ti-tude: (n) The combination of the right attitude with effective strategy to produce better results.

Strat-ti-tu-dal-ist: (n) 1. A person who does the above. 2. Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is a designer, inventor, author, public speaker, trainer and company director who constantly searches for new concepts, ideas and ways organisations can succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Our current results are a product of the processes (strategies) we currently use (or allow) and the motivation (attitude) of the people who perform them. To achieve better results, both must be reviewed and improved.

With over 30 years experience at the coalface in management with large and small companies, Ian Harvey combines his considerable business expertise with a unique presentation style to develop teams’ stratitudes and transform results.

For nearly two decades, Ian Harvey has spoken to thousands throughout Australia and New Zealand providing high-impact presentations, with effective take-away learning techniques and easy to understand approaches.