Ian Schubach

African Safari Guide, Master Storyteller and Conference Facilitator.


Ian Schubach is an African Safari Guide, Master Storyteller and Conference Facilitator.

Current work:

As a Founder & Director of Red Leaf, Ian uses his experience as an African Safari Guide, professional keynote speaker and conference facilitator to build more effective leaders and teams. He delivers captivating keynotes, interactive documentaries and business-focused workshops.

Previous experience:

Ian has helped clients by building multifaceted, integrated programmes that align organisations and connect culture to strategy to deliver outstanding results. Ian has been lead designer and facilitator for executive meetings, leadership teams and people managers in multiple industries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, South Africa and the US for the past two decades.

Ian has designed and delivered interactive documentaries that virtually transport participants into worlds that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. From the summit of Mt Cook to the bushveld of the African Kruger National Park to the depths of the famous diving caves of South Australia. The extreme nature of these environments neutralises traditional subject matter and opens the mind to learning. He uses these interactive documentaries to frame business-focused conversations that rapidly align individuals and teams.


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