James Adonis

Leading expert on employee engagement.


Dr James Adonis is one of Australia’s most well-known employee engagement and team leadership educators.

Current Work

James has rich practical experience as a leader in a variety of industries, such as financial services and contact centres, at which his most noteworthy achievements were in relation to his employees’ engagement, performance and retention. Still today, he is employed full-time in a leadership capacity with responsibility for more than 100 staff, thereby ensuring he’s sharing with his audiences what he, too, is actively putting into practice.

James is frequently featured in the media as a thought leader on all matters related to workplace relations. This is most obvious in his weekly business column with the Fairfax group of online news publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. In combination with his books and fortnightly newsletter, James’s insights are read by over 100,000 people every month.

For more than a decade, he has worked with hundreds of organisations helping them successfully lead change, engage staff, and improve performance. A truly international speaker and consultant, he has worked with leaders in Australia, New Zealand, India, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and Belgium, with an impressive list of clients including McDonald’s, American Express, Coca-Cola, Qantas, Optus, Ernst & Young, Gucci, Toyota and many government departments.

Previous Experience

Education:His qualifications include a PhD that researched the ways in which leaders can engage employees during organisational crises and significant change. His previous qualifications spanned a diverse range of disciplines including business leadership, marketing management, and political science.


Talking Points
Employee engagement: How to get employees to be switched on, driven and hard-working in your workplace - irrespective of their generation
Employee Retention - How to create greater levels of employee loyalty, commitment and advocacy - even in high-turnover industries
How to inspire employees to be more enthusiastic, happy and passionate - without spending a cent
Employee Enragement: How to overcome the five factors that anger, upset and frustrate employees at work
Managing change: How to get employees to embrace change (and champion it!) rather than resist it
Motivation Hoaxes: How to avoid clichés that permeate business and to instead use evidence-based approaches to workplace motivation
Personal engagement: How to motivate and engage yourself by maximising pragmatic and realistic thinking
Performance Improvement: How to enhance employees’ quality and increase their productivity in four easy steps
Team leadership: How to be the kind of leader that employees respect, value and willingly follow
Crisis leadership: How to lead and inspire teams when your organisation’s survival is at risk
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