Jean Thomas

Multi-award winning conservationist and change advocate


Jean Thomas is a multi-award winning conservationist, having worked extensively in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to protect the rainforest and save tree kangaroos from extinction. Along with developing environmental education programs in PNG for conservation, Jean created training programs for PNG communities that resulted in improvements in health for over 12,000 people in 50 villages.

Her life story is one of passion and purpose that inspired Independent filmmaker Mark Hanlin to document her life in a full-length feature film called Into the Jungle. This success story of her work in PNG provides fantastic insight and a unique perspective on a multitude of topics for all audiences.

Current Work:

As a passionate conservationist, Jean is the real deal and wants to fix the worlds environmental and social problems. She knows how to do it.

Jean is a powerful inspiration to motivate you to effect real social and environmental change in your organisation or community.

As a keynote speaker, Jean wears her heart on her sleeve and shares her story in a way that has you experiencing it as if you are there with her. This invites an opportunity to reflect on your own experience and tap into the part of you that wants to make a difference but doesn’t know-how. Jean will help you see how you can make a valuable contribution to society and the environment.

Previous experience

Awards: Her awards include The Future for Nature Award (Netherlands), Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year and Telstra Business Women for Social and Purpose Enterprise in Victoria.


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