Jem Fuller

Barefoot backpacker to corporate leader.


Jem Fuller is a trusted advisor and coach to CEOs and senior leadership teams on mindful leadership and healthy culture creation.

Current work:

Fuller is the Director and facilitator of his own international leadership retreat company. He takes leaders away on Mindful Leader Programs to the remote Indian Himalaya, Bali, the Kimberley and Costa Rica.

Past Experience:

From his punk days squatting in London to barefoot backpacking around the India subcontinent, Jem Fuller has lived the extremes.

He has been a kindergarten teacher in Asia, a global tattooist, fire dancer, motorcycle courier, actor, singer/songwriter, travel agent and has worked in corporate leadership in a multinational company.

Education: Jem has studied coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Human Behavioural Profiling.
He is passionate about helping to create more functional humans who can collaborate to create outstanding results for the greater good.


Talking Points
Diversity, Connection and a Remarkable Result - the story of what’s possible when a common cause dissolves the fears of difference.
Unlocking the Code of Culture - A process you can follow to make your workplace somewhere people want to be.
Daring To Be You - Vulnerability, authenticity and self-trust
Feminine / Masculine Leadership - If we don’t change our ways, we won’t survive.