Jeremy Dale

One of the world's most innovative golf trick shot artists.


The Jeremy Dale Golf Show will add some golfing magic to any golf or sporting event.

The 40 minute performance showcases amazing golfing skill, trick-shots and golfing stories all presented with the style and humour of a truly polished showman.

Jeremy has a remarkable golfing story. Starting out as a right-handed player he transformed his golf, and his career, by learning to play left-handed as well.

Current work

Jeremy now lives in the UK but visits Australia each year with his Australian wife Maryjane.

Previous experience

Beginnning: In 1992 he hit his first shot as a left-hander and was on his way to developing the amazing, switch-hitting spectacle that is the Jeremy Dale Golf Show. He also holds the distinction of being one of very few PGA professionals to have played under-par rounds of golf both left and right handed.

Golf: His first job in golf was as a caddy at the 1984 Open at St Andrews, and since then he has been a golf coach, an MC and TV presenter, a golf psychologist with a degree from Sussex University, a writer, an after dinnner speaker, a charity golf event organiser as well as one of the world’s most accomplished trick-shot performers.

TV: His first show was performed in 1994 and he has been adding new shots and stunts ever since. Jeremy’s highest ranking was second in the world finishing as runner up at the 2005 World Golf Trick-shot Championship, an event he came incredibly close to winning outright. Since 1994 the Jeremy Dale Golf Show has been seen in 33 countries on six different continents.